December 23, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — December 22, 2022

Eggs: The egg market's incredible rise is starting to slow down. The market only rose .01 yesterday which is the smallest increase since it began climbing on October 19th. The market is up $2.43 per dozen since then. It is amazing that a 30 dozen case of eggs now costs $160 and higher. I will not even guess how and when the market will begin to correct itself. The A1 bird influenza is still spreading but holiday demand will now taper off.

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November 4, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — November 4, 2022

Eggs: Eggs have continued to rise as 4th quarter holiday baking is underway. Supplies are still short to needs, so I do expect more next week. There were another 1 million birds taken out due to another outbreak in Iowa. 

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October 14, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — October 13th, 2022

Good Afternoon to all! Eggs: The egg market continued to correct itself. Last week we went down way below the market in forecast of the declines. We had gone up extra prior and wanted to be fair to all of you. We are back on track for next week. The cage free eggs continue to be in short supply as we just can't get enough. Michale Foods has also been having delivery issues and causing supply issues. Hopefully this is behind us shortly and we can serve you better.

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September 23, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — September 22nd, 2022

Good afternoon and welcome to Autumn! Eggs: With the Bird Flu spreading in Ohio and Colorado the egg market has reached record highs this week. I believe there is more to come as the increases have been large everyday. We are hearing the market could surpass the $4.00 market! Over 40 million birds have been put down and this is wreaking havoc in the supply. 

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