RW Zant an Honor Foods Company

R.W. Zant – a Nationally Recognized Foodservice Redistributor

Foodservice Redistribution

R.W. Zant, an Honor Foods Company, is a nationally recognized foodservice redistributor founded in 1950. R.W. Zant has gained a reputation for customer service, quality, and expertise in the protein industry, supplying the densely populated foodservice industry of the greater Los Angeles, CA area and other popular regions of the West Coast. As a redistributor, we bridge the gap between trusted foodservice vendors and distributors. Offering short lead times and less-than-truckload deliveries, we are a distributor’s distributor. We ensure fresh products, flexibility, and custom cuts of meat, and “customer service to a fault!”

In-house Products

As a USDA Certified facility, products from R-Dub and Commodity Sales supply custom cuts of beef and chicken, determined by your customers demand. Effective buying and selling of in-house products guarantees freshness through product turns.

Your success is how we measure our success. We provide top-notch customer service from our warehouse Team and Fleet drivers. As a family business, we hold true to our values and purpose to Improve lives and supply chains by solving tough problems.

Commodity Sales – is proud to offer hand carved, select cuts of premium poultry products from a USDA Inspected Facility.

R-Dub – Hand Crafted Premium Steaks offering select cuts, custom portions, and private label opportunities out of a USDA Inspected Facility.