Honor Foods In-House Products

Our exclusive in-house products deliver flavor, quality, and value

Sommer Maid Creamery

Sommer Maid Creamery, founded in the very early 1900’s, has built a proud tradition of providing the finest quality butter, cheese, cultured dairy, and blended products while upholding the highest standards of service to customers.

Sunny Morning Foods

At Sunny Morning, Dairy is What We Do! With expertise in categories including butter, cheese, eggs, and dairy, there is a Sunny Morning Product for your distribution needs, backed by a reputation of service and quality.

Colony Lane

With appetizers, french fries, seafood, and beef patties, Colony Lane from Honor Foods offers the products your customers crave and quality you can trust.

Valley Fresh

Our quality fresh-frozen vegetables, vegetable blends, and fruits complement your product mix. 

Weekly Market Information

January 12, 2024

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — January 12, 2024

Eggs: The egg market continued to drop this week but the market is tightening up. I was told that there were discounted loads being offered up until Tuesday when that stopped. The weather in the central US is tightening things up. I do not expect an increase soon, but the market has stopped decreasing.

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