We Are Honor Foods — A Leading Foodservice Redistributor

Founded In 1949

It all began in 1949, when Honor Foods was founded as a pick-up-only, broadline redistributor.

Fast-forward to today. Honor Foods works with more than 300 brand-name suppliers and has upwards of 3,000 items in stock. Our growth during this journey has made Honor Foods the region’s largest provider of frozen, refrigerated, dry, and dairy products.

Additionally, our exclusive house brands, Colony Lane and Valley Fresh are well-known for their quality and value price.


Great products and prices are just part of what we bring to our partners. A relationship with Honor Foods also includes:

  • Superior sales and service support
  • Customized reporting
  • Distribution channel troubleshooting
  • Fast, simplified order processing, and payment options
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Buying groups
  • Asset management
  • Attractive mix-and-match minimums

Honor Foods understands that superior customer service is the key to everyone’s success. Our knowledgeable Sales Team continually works with our partners delivering insightful business solutions and introducing new products for evaluation. Honor Foods companies, R.W. Zant and Sunny Morning Foods, provide additional national coverage with redistribution in Los Angeles and the Southeast. 

Burris Logistics Partnership

In 2007, Burris Logistics acquired Honor Foods. While the core business of Burris Logistics is not identical to Honor Foods, Burris operates with many of the same vendors. The scope of Burris Logistics and its many warehouses in key geographic regions connects the supply chain for many of our partners. We share a Partner-Mentality, always putting the needs of our distributor partners first. Working together, each company can leverage existing relationships, strengthen strategic partnerships, and improve purchasing positions.

In 2009, Honor Foods and Burris Logistics acquired N. Winer and Son of Springfield, Massachusetts to form a new specialty dairy division. This location, formerly served, foodservice distributors in the eight northeastern states and complemented the product assortment supplied through Honor Foods in Philadelphia. The Springfield location is now currently served by Honor Foods in Philadelphia. 

In 2021, Honor Foods moved into its new Tacony Street location in Philadelphia thus integrating two locations into one. The new warehouse pushed our 70-year old business into the modern era while honoring our Philadelphia roots. This new facility tripled our capacity and enables us to serve both our distributor and our vendor partners.