About Honor Foods:
Foodservice Operations & Redistribution

A committed Team and long history in foodservice operations paves the way for future success.

The Honor Foods Way

Honor Foods, a Burris Logistics Company, was founded in 1949 as a pick-up-only, broadline redistributor. Since then, we have grown into the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of frozen, refrigerated, dry, and dairy products, representing more than 300 brand-name food suppliers and carrying more than 3,000 in-stock items.

In addition to our regional redistribution centers including RW Zant and Sunny Morning, we have exclusive brands — Colony Lane, Valley Fresh, Sommer Maid, and Sunny Morning Foods, have a well-earned reputation for top quality and value at competitive prices.

Great products and prices are just part of the value we bring to our customers. We also provide superior sales and support services like customized reporting and distribution channel troubleshooting. A Team of dedicated professionals manages these value-adds, and their commitment to your business needs is what makes us unique. 

Honor Foods customers appreciate fast and simplified order processing with versatile payment options. We also offer marketing and sales support services, buying group options, asset management, and attractive mix-and-match minimums. Our knowledgeable Sales and Purchasing Teams remain in constant communication with our customers to ensure overall success.

Business insights are essential. However, at Honor Foods, our success is a direct result of creating genuine partnerships.

A Burris Logistics Company

In 2007, we became part of the Burris Logistics Family, joining a tradition that started in 1925. Now we are part of Burris, an enterprise creating a complete supply chain solution offering Honor Foods, Burris Logistics, and Trinity Logistics. Together we are ONEBURRIS.

ONEBURRIS is an initiative that allows us to offer our Partners a larger variety of solutions and give us a larger network to serve. With Trinity Logistics offering freight brokerage and specializing in the food and beverage cold chain industry and Burris Logistics offering warehouses nationwide with various storage and ecommerce solutions, we can offer our Partners convenient options that help their brand grow and provide simple solutions with a Partner they know.

In 2023, ONEBURRIS evolved into a workplace initiative recognizing that we needed to define our culture, establishing shared values and purpose. This endeavor allows us to collaborate across brands as a family with a cohesive goal and an established framework to operate and communicate.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to Improve lives and supply chains by solving tough problems.

At Honor Foods, we bridge the gap between suppliers and distributors, creating an equitable partnership that provides value for both parties and gives even the smallest distributors access to the best products in the quantities they need while providing manufacturers a broad market.  We believe in meeting challenges head-on with a can-do attitude and solving problems with Team Member expertise in foodservice redistribution.

Our Values

Our Values are shared with Burris Logistics and Trinity as committed supply chain partners. 


Our Culture

By establishing a culture with defined values and purpose, we can provide a better environment for our Team and a better experience for our Partners. Our strength is working together as Team Members and as brands.  Whether we rely on Trinity to help get a load delivered quickly for a Partner that had a last-minute change or we store items in our Warehouse for Burris because we are the closest location at that moment, our strength lies in the ability to offer opportunities for Partners that others don’t have available.

As we strive daily to live by our values and work toward our Purpose, we know that the Why is just as important as the What in all that we do, and we are committed to accomplishing great things with the mindset of our ONEBURRIS culture.