Honor Foods Headquarters

Our strategic locations add value to your business

Our new flagship location at 5505 Tacony Street, Philadelphia, PA, is a testament to our continued growth and success in the Mid-Atlantic region’s foodservice industry. This building, originally called Project Liberty, is a bold example of our dedication to improving our partners’ experiences. The expansion also reflects our commitment to ensuring that the American foodservice industry grows with us as we continue to socialize and dine out together.

The Philadelphia warehouse has been open since January 11th, 2021, and is located off I-95 at the site of the former Frankford Military Arsenal, which closed in 1977. As loyal Philadelphians, we are proud to still be within city limits while also providing easier access to I-76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the New Jersey Turnpike. Our new 3-temperature, 225,000 square foot warehouse boasts 33 loading docks that significantly improve our service levels and decrease delivery and pick-up wait times. In order to ensure that all orders are picked and delivered accurately, we use cutting-edge fleet tracking software and warehouse management software.

Visit Honor Foods and you’ll immediately see how much pride we take in our service. With our expanded building and state-of-the-art technology platform, we have tripled our product mix and fully maximized our purchasing power within suppliers and commodity markets.

To see what really makes us tick, you have to step inside. We consider our Team Members to be our greatest assets. Their commitment and energy are unparalleled. We make it easy to buy more efficiently, lower your minimums, shorten your lead times and improve your cash flow. Our sales and purchasing staff, as well as our warehouse staff, are here to Make It Happen for you!