Become an Honor Foods Customer

Honor Foods Is A Foodservice Redistributor.

Our customers are regional foodservice distributors servicing end-users at all levels. As a partner of Honor Foods, you’ll have access to thousands of items from reputable brands as well as our brands, Colony Lane, Valley Fresh, and Sommer Maid.

When you partner with Honor Foods you will simplify your purchasing process, lower your minimum buying requirements, speed up your lead times, and increase profitability.

Honor Foods Product Portfolio

  • 300+ Vendors
  • 3000+ SKU’s – dry, refrigerated, frozen, dairy, and more

One Order, One Delivery, One Invoice

Honor Foods is your single source for success. As a distributor, your partnership with Honor Foods results in cost savings and offerings that elevate your service and reliability to your customers.

Partner Benefits

  • A broad portfolio without additional storage space (Honor Foods is your warehouse)
  • Shorter lead times
  • No-hassle frequent deliveries
  • Reduced inventory & improved turns
  • No manufacturer minimums
  • Faster out of stock recovery
  • Improved service levels