• Our Service Area
    Honor Foods has full East Coast distribution from Maine to Florida, including parts of Tennessee and Kentucky. Every day we continue to grow our base of satisfied customers.
  • Communication
    We are always in touch with our customers, bringing you new products, fresh ideas, and insights into key commodity markets such as dairy, meats, and vegetables.
  • Better Inventory Control
    We take pride in delivering the right products to your door when you need it. We work hard to help you improve your inventory turns and reduce carrying costs.
  • Promotions and Value
    Take advantage of our strategic RD agreements with the industry’s leading manufacturers. We also provide any applicable group allowances for your convenience.
  • Flexible and Efficient
    We offer a wide variety of quality products to accommodate your needs. If we don’t carry it, we’ll get it! We also work with you on last minute order changes. We’ll do whatever it takes for you to service your customer’s ever-changing needs.


Honor Foods is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest, most trusted Foodservice redistribution companies.

We specialize in grocery, frozen and dairy foods, with some 2500 stocked items from 275 brand name companies, plus quality house brands.

But our real expertise is customer service.

The flexibility and responsiveness of our people make it easy for you to buy more efficiently, lower your minimums, shorten lead times, reduce inventory and increase turns, improve cash flow and ultimately, be more profitable.

How can we serve you today?

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Latest News

  • 6/14/2021: Good News – USDA to invest over $4B to strengthen the food supply chain

    A.B. Brown  Associate Editor @ FoodDive   The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it is planning to invest over $4 billion through the Build Back Better Initiative to make critical supply chains stronger, aid food production and processing, improve food distribution and storage, and ensure equitable market access for food producers.   USDA’s efforts are an attempt

  • 6/10/2021: Dave’s Weekly Market Update

    Happy Thursday! Eggs Markets are still adjusting to the overabundance of eggs. Due to lower foodservice volumes, prices have dropped somewhat.  Next week, I believe we’ll see a slight decline. Butter: Butter ended the week with decent movement and was slightly higher than last Thursday. I believe it will stay in this range unless it

  • 6/10/2021: Market News – The Perfect Storm Making Everything You Need More Expensive

    "...Food prices are already rising due to a surge in demand for agricultural commodities such as corn and soybeans driven by China, where demand for animal feed is soaring as hog herds recover from an African swine fever outbreak, according to Patterson. The government has also been rebuilding depleted domestic corn reserves, he added."