Cheese Market

May 27, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — May 26th, 2022

Good afternoon to all! Eggs: The egg market is trying to stay where it is at the moment. The A1 bird flu is abating as the migration season is winding down. There is a shortage of cage free eggs which is making it difficult for distributors in Mass who are mandated to sell only cage free eggs. My best guess is that eggs will probably stay in this range for the near future but time will tell!

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May 20, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — May 19th, 2022

Happy Thursday! Eggs: The market is still correcting and dropping significantly on shell eggs. As a note the processed eggs have not begun to decline yet. Cage free eggs continue to be in short supply and we are forced to allocate them. 

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May 5, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — May 5, 2022

Happy Thursday! Eggs: Eggs continue to rise as the A1 bird Flu has depleted many flocks. It seems like we may be near the top of the market. Cage free eggs are becoming an issue as suppliers can not keep up with the demand. We are having a hard time fulfilling all the opportunities presented to us. 

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March 18, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — March 17, 2022

Happy Thursday to all! There will not be an update next week, as I will be away. Eggs: The egg market is on fire as the A1 flu is affecting flocks and tightening up the supply. I expect more double digit increase as this situation unfolds. So far 3 farms have been affected and all east of the Mississippi. Over 6 million birds have been destroyed so far.

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March 3, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — March 3, 2022

Good afternoon, Eggs: Much to my surprise, eggs dropped a little this week. I still expect it to turn around but time shall tell. I have not heard any more reports of the A1 bird flu popping up.  Butter: Butter rose this week with 19 loads changing hands at the CME. I feel  that some […]

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February 24, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — February 24, 2022

Good afternoon, Eggs: Eggs dropped again this week. With the outbreak of A1 influenza in a flock in Delaware, I expect this to turn around and potentially fast and furiously.  Butter: The market went slightly lower this week, but this is the week of Cabot’s price increase of .04 on butter. Those items will go up but not […]

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February 17, 2022

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — February 17, 2022

Good day to all, Eggs: The market is correcting downwards as supplies are growing and demand is not that vibrant. I expect more downward movement next week.  Butter: Butter has taken a wild ride this week. Starting with a .175 jump last Friday. We are still somewhat higher today than last Thursday, but nowhere near the .28 it […]

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