Products Carried by R.W. Zant

RW Zant an Honor Foods Company

Foodservice Redistribution Products from R.W. Zant

The R.W. Zant Company, founded in 1950, is a nationally recognized foodservice redistributor specializing in all aspects of Protein and Dairy Wholesale Distribution to Foodservice and Retail Distributors throughout the Western United States. The needs of your foodservice operator customers, are reflected in the quality products we stock for you, and the relationships we manage with the best vendors available.

As an Honor Foods Company, R.W. Zant offers an expanded product portfolio featuring new vendors, more product categories, and additional foodservice industry segments on the West Coast. Core to our business is beef, poultry, and pork. In addition, we offer product categories that provide the finest seafood, deli, and vegetable products. The products might vary, but the quality and value reflect the R.W. Zant name.

Quality Beef Products from R.W. Zant

Our Beef department carries brands you trust, like IBP, JBS, Nebraska Beef, and WR Reserve Premium Black Angus, plus many options on a special-order basis. In addition to domestic beef, we offer the top Hispanic labels in the marketplace, Su Karne and Bona Prime. If you are looking for Offal, Lamb, and Mutton, we have it! Of course, we have Ground beef and patties, too! R-dub Foods offers a custom-cut portion control program, cutting from Mexican to Prime beef, lamb/mutton, and pork. All this with a 1-case minimum and 1-day lead time.

Quality Dairy Products from R.W. Zant

We are proud to be a leading Redistributor of dairy, providing quality products, including Processed American, Imported Artisan, and everything in between. Dairy includes eggs, butter, and cream cheese. R.W. Zant also represents Ventura Foods, a leading national oils, spreads, and dressing manufacturer.

Quality Deli Products from R.W. Zant

Our Deli Department offers category leaders such as Daily’s Bacon, Smithfield, Jones Dairy Farms, Rose Packing, Kruse & Son, and Hormel. We have everything from Bacon to Smoked Hams and Breakfast Sausage, as well as Hot Dogs from Hoffy, Hebrew National, and Smithfield. For Chicken Fried Steak, Philly Meat, or a Fully Cooked Hamburger, we have you covered with our Kings Command and Advance Pierre lines. The best Breaded Fried Chicken comes from industry leaders Tyson Foods and Pilgrim Pride. We offer Wings of Fire, tenders of all value levels, and an 8-way cut for fried chicken dinners and fried chicken patties in raw and fully cooked versions. Additionally, Plant-based products round out a category full of options and varieties.

Quality Grocery Products from R.W. Zant

The Grocery category includes Appetizers, Desserts, and Frozen Vegetables supplied by leading companies such as McCain, Fry Foods, and Cavendish Farms. Here, you will find breaded items such as Onion Rings, French Fries, Mozzarella sticks, Cream Cheese, and Jalapeno poppers. On the dessert side, you will find traditional pies from Sara Lee, such as apple and lemon meringue. Our Taste It Presents line offers upscale Italian desserts such as Tiramisu cups, Cheesecake, and Limoncello.

Quality Pork Products from R.W. Zant

Historically, Pork has been one our strongest categories offering products from snout to tail, boasting multiple brands, and including fresh and frozen, custom cuts. Expert product managers ensure freshness through effective buying and product turns.

Quality Poultry Products from R.W. Zant

Wayne Farms, Mountaire, and Pilgrim are among the leading industry producers from which we source our poultry. We offer Bone in Breasts, Legs, Leg Quarters, Thighs, Wings, Drums, and Whole Birds (WOGS). In addition, we offer Boneless Breasts, Tenders, Thighs, Legs, and Antibiotic Free & Halal products. Our portion breasts and Cornish Hens are available in various sizes. Duck, Quail, and Rabbit are also available. Our fresh Custom-Cut facility on-site produces orders just in time with a 24-hour lead time.

Quality Seafood Products from R.W. Zant

We have strong domestic and overseas sourcing on tilapia, pollock, and other finfish and strong partnerships with suppliers from various countries offering PND and block shrimp. Partners at Phillips Foods and Newport International ensure a steady flow of blue crab. Our long-standing relationships with King and Prince and Highliner supply the marketplace with value-added seafood and raw materials for clients to make their own battered or breaded items.  Our extensive line of frozen scallops can be drop-shipped fresh at your local airport. 

Quality Special Offerings from R.W. Zant

Frequently, we can provide Limited offerings, Over-Runs, and Under-runs with varying quality specs for opportunity buying.

Quality Turkey Products from R.W. Zant

Our Turkey Department has expertise in selling high-quality turkey products, prominently featuring esteemed brands like Butterball Turkey and Turkey Valley Farms. Types include Single Muscles to Formed and Shaped to Whole Birds and Parts. Turkey goes beyond a traditional Thanksgiving Giving Offering! We offer a comprehensive selection of deli-cooked turkey breasts across various tiers, ensuring a diverse range of choices to meet the customer’s preferences for quality and taste.