January 12, 2024

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — January 12, 2024

Eggs: The egg market continued to drop this week but the market is tightening up. I was told that there were discounted loads being offered up until Tuesday when that stopped. The weather in the central US is tightening things up. I do not expect an increase soon, but the market has stopped decreasing.

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December 20, 2023

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — December 15, 2023

Eggs: The market turned around this week as fears of a larger outbreak of the bird flu is spooking the market. A farm in Ohio lost 600,000 birds which is not a lot of birds. The fear is that it is located near many large farms and that it could spread. There are about 20 million more birds than this time last year so there are plenty of eggs, People are holding back due to the outbreaks. Came January farmers put many birds out to molt and cull older birds. Unless there is a larger outbreak, my guess is that we will see more of an increase than a collapse. Let's see if the Ouija board is working or not. 

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December 8, 2023

Dave’s Weekly Market Update — December 8, 2023

Eggs: The egg market has continued with its rapid decline as demand is fading and supplies are abundant. The declines are slowing down and on another note, it was reported that another 2 million birds have been lost to the Bird Flu.

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