Egg Market

January 21, 2021

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – Jan 21, 2021

Good afternoon, Eggs: Here is some explanation for the rapid rise in egg prices. “Urner Barry made huge increases across the board for next week as some buyers are finding supplies limited and making it difficult to fill orders. Similar to the last couple of weeks, this is largely a result of more at-home cooking […]

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January 7, 2021

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – Jan 7, 2021

Good day ! Eggs:The egg market seems to be in balance and there was no movement this week. Butter:Butter bounced around this week but now is dropping. I do not think it will drop too much more but no guarantees on that. . Cheese:With the announcement of another round of the farms to families food […]

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December 30, 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – December 30, 2020

Happy New Year to all of you! So excited about the new Philadelphia location opening on January 11th! We all are ready to bid 2020 a good riddance and have high hopes for a much better year ahead. It was an extremely challenging year for our industry as we all faced unprecedented challenges. We all […]

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December 28, 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – December 12, 2020

Happy Holidays to all! Eggs:Retail demand has picked up and the demand is somewhat exceeding the present supply. The tone of the market is “full steady” which signals more to come. Butter:Butter has been actively traded this week and keeps rising for some reason. Butter is cheaper in the US than the world market so […]

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December 17, 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – December 17, 2020

Happy snow day!   We hope you all fared well with today’s snowstorm. We got a foot in Springfield and delayed our deliveries until tomorrow to keep everyone safe.    Eggs: The egg market dropped .01 last Friday and has not moved since. The brown eggs are in short supply and have been rising.    […]

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December 10, 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – December 12, 2020

Good afternoon to all! Eggs: The egg market continues to decline as the supply outweighs the demand. With restrictions getting tighter I feel this will continue into the near future.    Butter: Butter rose again this week but backed off some yesterday. So far 37 loads traded hands this week so buyers must feel this […]

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December 3, 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – December 3, 2020

Good day to all, Eggs: The egg market is weak and has been dropping. I expect to see it drop more as the demand is just not there. The tone of the market is that retail is weak and eggs are long.    Butter: The butter market has rallied this week much to my surprise. […]

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November 30, 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – November 30, 2020

 Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.   Eggs: Now that the baking season has wound down there is a weakness in the egg market. White eggs dropped -.08 this week and I would expect more of the same next week.   Butter: Butter dropped a bit this week also. It […]

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November 23, 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – November 23, 2020

Good afternoon!   Eggs: The egg market has remained at these levels for a while now. With much of the holiday baking over, and restaurants being forced to reduce capacity limits, I feel the next move will be downward.   Butter: Butter drifted lower this week as it continues to bounce around these levels. This is another […]

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November 12, 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – November 12, 2020

Good day to all, Eggs:The white eggs did not move again this week. The mediums dropped .02, and the brown market rose .06 due to the tightness of supply. Butter:Butter remained calm this week and ended up with no change for the week. Cheese:Both Block and Barrel are in a major correction mode. The drops […]

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