Dave’s Weekly Market Update – February 11, 2021

Good afternoon to all,

The egg market has been correcting downward this week but did slow down today. There still seems to be a glut of eggs out there.

The butter market keeps bouncing around between the low $1.20’s and the mid $1.30’s. The US has record amounts of butter in cold storage and we are priced way under the world market. Exports have been limited due to the extreme constraints in overseas shipping. There have not been enough containers and the ports are backlogged mainly due to COVID-related issues.

Both Block and Barrels rose from last week’s averages. The markets certainly have been a challenge. You think there is an opportunity and 2 days later the market is backing off again or vice versa. It has been a challenging time trying to have the proper inventory on hand at the correct price.

Alpine Valley 60/40 Butter Blend:
For the longest time, we were unable to get it and everyone was looking for it. I have plenty of inventory available for your needs. Hopefully, we will be back on track with their regular butter blend after tomorrow.

Swiss Cheese:
The market has come off on Swiss and we have lots of Great Lakes Swiss to fulfil your needs at very competitive pricing.