#LifeWithHonor: Women In Logistics

Women In Logistics and Redistribution

Over the past several decades, women have steadily advanced their careers in third-party logistics, supply-chain distribution, and redistribution due to their dedication, performance, outstanding work ethic, and continuous focus on improvement and success. However, when it comes to professionalism and performance – women rely on their natural ability to multitask and are capable mentors and leaders.

Honor Foods has been the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier redistributor of frozen, refrigerated, dry, and dairy products since 1949, and all that success we would not have achieved if not for Women at Honor Foods. Besides growing as a business, contributing to our Team Members and helping them take care of their families has helped Honor to drastically advance in the marketplace and become increasingly valued by our customers and vendors. In addition, Honor Foods recognizes the merit of supporting women as they are an integral part of our winning business and culture.

Honor Foods is honored to highlight four outstanding women covering all sides of the redistribution business. Dominique Torres is a Recruiter and HR Assistant at Honor Foods, Lisa Bond is an Outside Sales Manager, Amanda Vanderploeg-Yarnall is an Accounts Payable Specialist, and Claudette Kelly is a Transportation Coordinator. Dominique, Lisa, Amanda, and Claudette represent different Honor Foods departments, such as HR, Sales, Financing, and Transportation. All four women are overachievers and known for their compassion to their Team Members, dedication to excellence in customer service, and their work with vendors. Here’s what each one of them identifies as when it comes to being a Woman in Logistics:

Dominique Torres

Domonique Torres - Recruiter/ HR Assistant at Honor Foods

As a recruiter, Dominique Torres is the first person applicants speak to when they come for an interview. She guides new prospects through the screening processes answering questions about the positions and the company. Dominique ensures applicants feel comfortable during the interview and helps them ease into the conversation by making it more personable and casual. Dominique helps potential hires find the job that would fit them best. To the question, “How does it feel to be a woman in logistics?” she responds:

“I think it’s fantastic! I think it is fantastic to be in the warehouse in general and be a woman in it. People don’t think “women and warehouse go together”… People think it’s just a masculine job. Even when I interview women, sometimes people go, “Oh wow, you are interviewing a woman?” As for me, I feel excited! I think society automatically pushes us to other roles, and I think it is fantastic to see a woman working in this field and flourish in it—even the Truck Drivers. For example, our Truck Driver, Kate Navarro, is so good at what she does and so awesome! I love her! It is great to put an end to the stereotypes and just show society what women can do. And we can do everything.”

Lisa Bond

Lisa Bond - Outside Sales Manager at Honor Foods

Lisa Bond, an Outside Sales Manager at Honor Foods, requires her to travel and meet her customers in person. Her role is to represent Honor Foods, showcase new products, and support her customers along the way. Lisa and her team have access to thousands of items from various reputable brands and make her customers‘ life easier by offering them support to increase profitability. Lisa has extensive knowledge of food and constantly implements her expertise into action. To the question, “How does it feel to be a woman in logistics?” she comments:

“It’s definitely a man’s world—the food industry in general. So prior to working for a meatball manufacturer, I worked for a candy manufacturer, more on a retail side. It really showed me that it has certainly been a male-dominated industry. However, things are changing with more women in those roles. I love seeing this change. You certainly have to have tough skin, but in our team, it is not necessary; everyone is so welcoming and supportive. We are like family here at Honor Foods.”

Amanda Vanderploeg-Yarnall

Amanda Vanderploeg-Yarnall - Accounts Payable Specialist at Honor Foods.

Amanda Vanderploeg-Yarnall is an Accounts Payable Specialist. She processes payroll, handles invoices, and manages inventory. Amanda is a team player and provides help to anyone who needs it. She is also currently learning how to process the expenses for the Purchasing Department, where she gets to know more about the vendors and the way they operate. To the question, “How does it feel to be a woman in logistics?” she states:

“I get along with everyone, so whether it is a male-dominated or female-dominated workplace doesn’t matter to me. Being the people-person that I am – I love working with everybody and find it very easy and enjoyable. As a Woman in Logistics, I feel very welcome here at Honor Foods. It is a very homey type of environment, very family oriented – so I love it!”

Claudette Kelly

Claudette Kelly - Transportation Coordinator at Honor Foods

Claudette Kelly works as a Transportation Coordinator at Honor Foods. She calls herself a “Watchdog” of the Honor Foods Drivers. Her main task is to ensure that the DOT regulations (for example, service hours) are met. In addition, Claudette ensures that all the necessary safety pre-trip and post-trip procedures are followed and drivers are compliant with their designated routes. Claudette also plays the role of the informer and processes the payroll and billing for the 3pl partners, including the Burris Logistics’ brand Trinity Logistics. To the question, “How does it feel to be a woman in logistics?” she comments:

“When I first started working at Honor Foods, I was the first woman in Transportation. So, I can proudly say that I was the first. About five years ago, we started to hire more, and now we have two other women in the department. I think that we – women have good energy. We are movers and shakers. We want to get the stuff done and move to the next project. I think that women are doing really well in this department. We get things done. I have a daughter who is on the autism spectrum. In my case, being a mom and having a child with special needs, I have to be even more organized because I am not only looking after my child growing up, I have to identify her specific needs in perspective, of where she is now and where do I want her to be. I have to always think about my daughter’s future, which also coincides with my work. Women, we multitask, organize, and prioritize like no other. I think that this is something that we have to do as moms already. And, specifically in my situation, I am used to being that kind of fast-paced person – juggling so many things at a time.”

Dominique, Lisa, Amanda, Claudette, and all the women at Honor Foods help the company grow and flourish because they know that success comes from outstanding product knowledge, excellent customer service, and investment in Team culture.

About Honor Foods

Honor Foods, a Burris Logistics Company, was founded in 1949 as a redistributor of center-of-the-plate foods. Since then, Honor Foods has grown into the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of frozen, refrigerated, dry, and dairy products, representing more than 300 brand-name food suppliers and carrying more than 3,000 in-stock items. Honor Foods brands R.W. Zant and Sunny Morning provide additional beef and dairy expertise on the West Coast and in the southeast. In addition, our exclusive house brands — Colony Lane and Valley Fresh, have a well-earned reputation for top quality and value at competitive prices.

Great products and prices are just part of the Honor Foods value-add. We pride ourselves in having a Team of dedicated professionals who manage each partnership. Our commitment to your business needs is what makes us unique.