#LifeWithHonor: Crystal Boyland


Redistribution is done right at Honor Foods in Philadelphia, a Burris Logistics Company, primarily due to our Team. When you choose Honor Foods, you choose our people too. So, we are choosing to highlight them a series of short blogs showcasing their #LifeWithHonor. 

We are pleased to introduce you to Crystal Boyland, Accounts Payable Specialist. Crystal has been with Honor Foods for 29 years and went from wanting to work with children and wanting four to having one and loving her office position!

As an Accounts Payable Specialist, she has done a little bit of almost every job in that department. She has worked with invoices, payroll, and more. She started as a Data Entry Clerk for a couple of years before moving into the accounting department, going back to school for her high school diploma, then associates in accounting, and onto her bachelor’s in business administration. The tuition reimbursement Honor Foods offered her was a large part of her drive to continue her education, and she is so grateful. 

Q: Tell us something unique about yourself that everyone at Honor Foods knows you as/for? 

“I have a big mouth; I like to laugh. I have a hearty and healthy laugh, and I like to use it. You have to smile, no matter what goes on. I do tend to use southern phrases, and instead of cursing, I’ll say like southern/old school terms.”

Q: What do you love doing outside of your work? Any interesting facts about you? 

“I love Church; I like to praise dance in Church. I like some computer games. My daughter is 30, married, and has one son; that is my joy. He is two years old and thinks he is 22 years olds. I don’t like pets; I have a phobia of fur. I like to line dance and love music.”

Q: Why Honor Foods?

“Honor Foods always allowed me to grow. I didn’t start with the “proper education,” and as I said, I have done different jobs, especially within the accounting department. I like a challenge; that was a bonus to me. Honor Foods gave me all of these avenues throughout the years. I started when I was 32; they allowed me to grow myself, take care of my family, and do better. I learned more, grew better, and wanted to stay and reciprocate everything they gave to me. Since they were always there for me. Sue Murphy retired this year; she was my favorite team member. To this very day, we still depend on each other and call each other. I like the team environment I am in now.” 

This is just one of the significant pieces that MAKES IT HAPPEN for us by providing team member-driven solutions to meet our partners’ and Team members’ needs and goals. We are so grateful to have Crystal on our Team.

About Honor Foods

Honor Foods, a Burris Logistics Company, was founded in 1949 as a redistributor of center-of-the-plate foods. Since then, Honor Foods has grown into the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of frozen, refrigerated, dry, and dairy products, representing more than 300 brand-name food suppliers and carrying more than 3,000 in-stock items. In addition, our exclusive house brands — Colony Lane and Valley Fresh, have a well-earned reputation for top quality and value at competitive prices.

Great products and prices are just part of the Honor Foods value-add. In addition, we pride ourselves on having a Team of dedicated professionals who manage each partnership. Our commitment to your business needs is what makes us unique.