Dave’s Weekly Market Update — September 8th, 2022

Good afternoon to all!


The egg market is aggressively rising this week. There has been another HPAI Avian Flu outbreak in Ohio. The supply of cage free and organic eggs is very short to the needs of the marketplace. 



The butter market reached an all time high yesterday. Butterfat is still in short supply. My feelings are that we will not see much of a drop until maybe late October or November. I still feel we could see higher prices before that time.  It is crazy that a load of butter is almost about $140,000.


Both Block and Barrel jumped yesterday for some reason. I am unsure why after all the drops as of late. Barrels are still priced .0825 higher than Blocks and time shall tell us how this inverse relationship will correct itself. 

Cream Cheese:

 We have lots to sell to all of you! Please talk to your salesperson about this category.

Sommer Maid, Smithfield, Pauly, Raskus and Hahns are the labels presently available. 

We all thank you for your continued business and hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend.