Dave’s Weekly Market Update — September 2nd, 2022



The egg market rose slightly this week as inventories are somewhat in balance. I assume in a few weeks the traditional 4th quarter increases will begin as commercial bakeries begin building inventories for the upcoming holidays.

Cage free eggs for our Mass customers:

We can not get enough of them to supply all of your needs. We are forced to allocate them. We are doing our best but the supply is just not there. Nice when we pass laws like this and then the industry just can not fulfill the needed supply. 



Butter continues rising even with only a few loads changing hands this week. We are .0425 away from the record high price of $3.135 set September 15th, 2015. I feel we could surpass that within a few weeks. Cream has been tight, multiples are extremely high and inventories are low. It is crazy seeing butter cost over $140,000.00 per load. 


Both the Block and the Barrel dropped some this week. The drops have slowed down and hopefully we are close to the bottom. Demand has slowed across the board. Both retail and food service demand has slipped. American cheese is higher than the Block market. Could this be a demand shift from the more expensive types of cheeses?

Cream cheese:

The supply has gotten much better. Is some of that due to the record high prices? The costs somewhat follow the butter market which is crazy high at the moment. Please ask your sales associate about what we have to offer. Those who were unable to get it due to allocations are now able to get it!

Hilldale sliced american by LOL:

We are doing our best to fulfill orders, but when we order a full trailer they ship us around 15000 lbs as of late, They are stating that this will last until mid to late September. I am doing the best I can to keep inventory in the house but there still are times we do not have enough to fulfill all of our needs.

All of us at the Honor Foods companies thank you for your continued business.  We all wish you a safe and relaxing long Labor Day weekend.