Dave’s Weekly Market Update — September 15th, 2022

Good day!


 Eggs are through the roof due to the bird flu. I expect more drastic jumps. See below:

The impact from the recent Ohio HPAI (Bird flu) outbreak is having a dramatic impact by driving the weekly Urner Barry market prices up again. Bids to buy eggs  are once again far outnumbering offers to sell. Since last week’s announcement on egg layers in Ohio, turkey flocks have tested positive in Minnesota & California, and last Sunday in Sanpete county UTAH.

National Egg Inventory  USDA reported this week’s national weekly shell egg inventory down 4.6% for the week which is 22.7% lower than a year ago. Breaking stock increased 4.5% vs the same week a year ago. CF Whites are still tight and organics even more difficult to find.



Butter slipped back some after hitting the all-time high of $3.24 on Tuesday. My thoughts are that the driving factors have been a combination of a few things. Milk volumes have been decreasing, demand has been strong and there have been some exports. The amount imported for manufacturing has also dropped. There are still fears of shortages later this year. 

Cheese markets are on fire!

Both markets surged upwards this week. We have lower milk production coupled with a strong export market. As of yesterday the inverse relationship between Block and Barrels is finally gone. Many times this adds  stability to the pricing but as of late, who knows!  Hilldale American is still a big issue as Land O Lakes has not  been able deliver what has been needed for the last couple of months. I do not see a quick end to this shortage unfortunately. 

Cream supplies:

I am being told that as of the beginning of the week we will be back in stock after being unable to get any 40% this week, From what I am seeing the whole Eastern seaboard  has been short as we have been.  Cream next month will be going up due to the extremely high butter market. 

Sommer Maid integration:

Starting this week we are fully integrating the Sommer Maid brands where all customers can buy both lines. More dairy for Honor customers and dry and frozen to the Sommer Maid customers. 

The whole team wants to thank you for your business and we hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend. 

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