Dave’s Weekly Market Update — October 12, 2023

Each week Honor Foods Dairy Specialist David Albert provides you with Dave’s Weekly Market Update, with some valuable insights on the most current market price changes on eggs, butter, cheese, and cream products.


The egg market is still remaining steady as it has since September 19th. It is nice to have one market remaining stable. Brown eggs did rise .01.    

Weekly Dairy Market October 9 thru 12
Weekly Egg Market October 9 thru 12


Butter dropped some this week but there still have not been many loads brought to the exchange. I am hearing that cream is tight in certain markets for the butter plants. I think butter may remain around this level for a few more weeks as demand is high and the supply is tight.

Maybe late October to mid November we will see a major correction. Time shall tell but in today’s new market it is hard to predict as things are just not the same as in the past. It used to be much more predictable and followed trends. That ship has seemingly sailed off into the sunset!

Remember to ask about our High Desert Milk USDA AA butter solids. We have both salted and unsalted for you.

This is a USDA AA butter and we have it in salted as well as unsalted solids. We are offering .05 off per lb as an introductory offer. We have replaced our Beaver Meadow solids with these. This is a better option as it is USDA AA shielded and the other was not. It is also kosher. We hope you will try this new offering from Honor Foods.


Blocks have remained stable this week with no change. Barrels have firmed up and prices will increase some. I feel that the Barrels went too low and are just correcting that move. Maybe the markets have found a comfortable level and will remain around this level for the near future. 

Cream Cheese:

Due to butter’s rapid and huge rise in price, cream cheese pricing is also taking big jumps on a weekly basis. With this week’s increase in cream cheese and lack of major movement in butter we may remain at this new level and not have to increase again next Friday.   

Opportunity Buys for you!

Baker Cheese String cheese – this is packed 168 1 oz pieces (10.5lb case). This is a great opportunity if you sell schools or daycare facilities. A great individually wrapped source of protein!

Dairy Farmers of America condensed skim milk in 50 lb pails – We are still pushing this especially with all the holiday baking that is beginning to take place. 

The entire Honor Foods team would like to thank you for your continued support and business. We hope you have a great weekend.  

Let’s go Phillies! 

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