Dave’s Weekly Market Update — July 28th, 2022

Happy Thursday!


The egg market is starting to correct and I expect a substantial drop next week. 



Butter continues to dance around between $2.90 and $3.00 and I believe that will continue.


Both Block and Barrel have bounced around and ended up dropping again for next week. Just like last week, if there are no changes the markets will be lower as the close is below the average. Demand is weakening on all fronts as inflation is seemingly taking a bite out of peoples budgets. 


I have a special on Blasser muenster made by Ellsworth Creamery. Please ask your rep about this and we are dealing below market pricing on this. We have about 400 cases and are making deals.

Galbani Professionale WM shredded mozz.

We are still making deals on this top of the line shred.  Please ask your rep about this.

The entire team wants to thank you for your continued business and wish you a great Summer weekend!

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