Dave’s Weekly Market Update — July 21st, 2022

Good afternoon to all,


Once again, weekly Urner Barry markets continued increasing on all Lg, XL & Jumbo sizes for next week, but now Mediums have joined the move upward. Most birds lost to HPAI are still out, but heat continues taking its toll on all by reducing egg sizes. Retail demand is good, Food Service is strong and further processors are actively buying shell eggs while exports are not a significant factor in the current market. We keep expecting the Large plus market to level out soon, but not quite yet.



Butter continues to bounce around in the $2.90 to $3.00 range and I feel it will continue to do so. The movement has been strong at the CME again this week. Demand is softening somewhat but tight supplies should keep the market firm.


Both Blocks and Barrels dropped this week. Slowing demand from the retail sector and on the export front are leading the market downwards. If nothing changes we will see both markets drop again next week. 

Land O Lakes is still shorting all sizes of sliced by around 50%. Hopefully they will be back on track within the next 2-3 weeks. 

We still are offering the Galbani Professionale WM shredded mozz at a great discount if you buy pallets. This product does cut well against Grande and other premium brands.


The whole Honor/Sommer Maid team thank you for your continued business. We have been working hard to integrate the Sommer Maid business into the Honor Foods building.

We hope you have a safe and relaxing summer weekend. Stay cool!