Dave’s Weekly Market Update — July 15th, 2022

Happy Thursday!


The larger sizes of eggs are in short supply and I believe are at record high prices. I think we will continue to see increases in the larger sizes.



Almost 2.5 million pounds traded hands so far this week which is huge volume. Demand seems to be waning some at the retail level and this may be what is causing this week’s decline. I do not feel that prices will drop much more but time shall tell.


The cheese markets dropped today but had been fairly stable the rest of the week. At least Blocks are higher than barrels so the spread is somewhat proper. As an FYI Land O Lakes has been cutting orders by about 50% and this is causing shortages. 120 count yellow is unavailable at the moment.  

We have an opportunity buy for you on Galbani Professional WM shredded mozzarella. Please ask your salesperson for pricing. This is a super premium mozzarella and performs well against Grande. 

We all hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend. As always the team wants to thank you all your business and support!