Dave’s Weekly Market Update — February 24, 2022

Good afternoon,


Eggs dropped again this week. With the outbreak of A1 influenza in a flock in Delaware, I expect this to turn around and potentially fast and furiously. 


The market went slightly lower this week, but this is the week of Cabot’s price increase of .04 on butter. Those items will go up but not the rest of the butter line. I still feel that we will remain somewhat in this range for a while as the world market is high and supplies are low. 


With the butter market being so high, cream is rising again for March. 


The cheese markets remained fairly stable this week with moderate increases. Again the world market is much higher and exports are prevalent. Milk supplies are loosening up somewhat in the MidWest but volumes at the farm are still down. Demand has been good and with most of the mask mandates going away foodservice has been strong adding to demand. 

Our purchasing team is always looking for new items to offer you on a daily basis. If there are items others are out of please ask your salesperson and we hopefully have something to offer you from our extensive inventory. Everyone on the Honor team wishes you a safe and relaxing weekend.