Dave’s Weekly Market Update — February 10, 2022

Good afternoon to all and happy Thursday! We are almost there!


The market is starting to correct itself after the large run up. The loose egg inventory is building but the demand for cartons is still strong. I would look for more downward pressure in the coming weeks. 

Weekly CME Cash Dairy Product Prices


Butter found some strength this week while only 5 loads changed hands at the exchange this week. Below is a glimpse of today’s trading activity. My feelings are that we will remain in this range for the next few weeks, but time shall tell. 

Butter Prices February 10


Both Block and Barrel rose this week after last week’s close was higher than the averages. Blocks have not moved since Friday and barrels have softened somewhat. Only 3 loads traded this week on cheese. Very quiet overall at the exchange this week on all dairy. 

The Honor Foods team all thank you for your business and hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend. Enjoy the Super Bowl!