Dave’s Weekly Market Update — December 23, 2021

Good afternoon,


Eggs went up .01 this week but we did not pass that along! I am guessing that the market needs to come down some, but unsure when that will begin. 

Weekly Market Updated 12.23.21


The butter market is surprising everyone by jumping up to the highest it has been in quite a while. Normally (but this year is far from normal!) Butter drops this time of the year. Strong demand paired with a shortage of cream are the driving factors. Butter in the US is well below the world market making it attractive for exporting also. Cheese is in the same position as the world market. 28 loads of Butter changed hands at increasingly higher prices this week at the CME. Futures are also pointing towards higher prices.


Due to the increasing Butter market cream is going up again next month. We have an opportunity with the Byrne 36% and 40% as we are dropping the price now .10 qt. We have had good luck with it once we started storing it at ambient temperatures.(it is aseptically packaged) and does not require refrigeration and has a long life. Operators can leave it out and use it from a warm state unless they are making whip cream. In that case, just chill it first. There is considerable savings on these items.

Cream Cheese:

By now we have all seen it on the news about the ongoing shortage. We started allocating it to customers who have been buying it from us on a regular basis and were able to supply those customers in a more acceptable manner. We have product rolling in mid week and we hope we can supply more people in the near future. Seeing as it follows the butter market these prices have been going up every week. 


Both Block and the Barrel gave up some ground this week. As stated earlier, U.S. markets are discounted enough to the world markets to help drive some exports. I feel that this is helping to keep the markets elevated.

All of us wish you and your families a joyous Christmas and as always that you for your much appreciated business.

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