Dave’s Weekly Market Update — August 4th, 2022

Good afternoon to all,


Eggs dropped in a big way this week. Supplies are “burdensome”. Always a crazy market overreacting in both directions. We are hearing the drops will continue, but at a slower pace. 


Butter broke through the glass ceiling this week by closing over the $3.00 mark. Cream has been so tight that many are just selling the cream at high multipliers rather than churning butter.

I still feel that there is more to come and we will probably not go much below the $3.00 mark and will see higher numbers. Let’s see if my crystal ball is working or not. Crazy times trying to guess the markets.


Both the Block and the Barrel dropped aggressively this week. The close is lower than the average so chances are prices will dip again next week. Not a great time to have millions of dollars tied up in cheese but we need to keep you supplied.

A note on the Hilldale cheese by Land O Lakes.  They are cutting all orders by around 50% now and we are experiencing some shortages. They are claiming it could last the whole month of August. 


14095 Blassers muenster by Ellsworth Creamery   Make us an offer!

We have both Deb El and Sommer Maid liquid eggs we are trying to move also.

Please talk to your sales rep about these products. 

All of the Honor Foods companies thank you for your continued business. Stay cool and have a great weekend!