Dave’s Weekly Market Update – October 2, 2020

Good afternoon to all,


The egg market came to life this week and went up .05.. We will see more, but I do not expect anything crazy. 


Butter took a wild ride this week. It went as high as $1.60 but then ended up lower than last Thursday.  There was not much activity this week at the CME.


 Last Friday the Block market jumped almost $.23. That was the biggest one-day increase ever. It has drifted down to $2.54 but still closed the week much higher than last.

The Farms to Families Food Box Program is suspected to be the biggest driver of this market. The program lasts until the end of October. I feel that unless they announce round 4 of this program that the market will correct some by the middle of October. 

Honor Foods thanks you for your continued support and business. We all wish you a safe and relaxing autumn weekend.

Stay Safe!