Dave’s Weekly Market Update – August 21, 2020


The egg market was more aggressive than I anticipated with double-digit increases and more expected next week. I feel we could see another .10-.15 next week but do not expect more than that. 


Fifty-nine loads of butter exchanged hands this week at the CME with basically no change in the end. It did rise Monday but drifted back down as the week moved on. 

I have an opportunity on Dinner Bell 18/1lb unsalted butter quarters for retail. We can offer $1.99 on 15 cs lots and $1.94 on pallets. 
Cheese: Blocks went up over .20 starting last Thursday and started dropping on Monday with the end result being a drop. At this point, prices will drop more next week. Barrel cheese continued to drop and I expect more to come next week also. 

We all hope you have an excellent and safe weekend and as always thank you for your business.