The retail demand for eggs due to panic shopping has caused the market to skyrocket. We expect a lot more to come due to the COVID-19 situation.
     Due to the rapid and large daily increases we are forced to go to daily pricing on eggs. Ask your salesperson for the current prices please.
     Butter prices dropped some this week after last weeks run up at the CME. There is plenty of butter around and I feel we will see a drop in demand as people hunker down due to the virus.
The Barrel market dropped some this week and Block shot up some today.
The changes were fairly small and we will see what happens,
     With all the current news about COVID-19 I feel that there will unfortunately be a large effect on the foodservice community. People will probably not go out to eat anywhere near as much due to what they are hearing through the media.
We all hope you and your family stay healthy and have a restful weekend. As always, we thank you for your continued business.