Happy Thursday,

There will be no market update next week as I will be out of the office.
     Today the medium market went up as well as extra large. We are hearing maybe a .10 increase next week but the egg market seems to always overreact!
     Butter continues to be weak. Today it fell to the lowest level in a few years. There were 21 loads that traded today. I feel that buyers see a value and this might close to the bottom. As always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations and can guarantee no results.
Due to drops in the butter market the fluid cream is coming down for March. 

The Barrel market remained flat this week and the Block drifted lower. The spread is now down to under .14 which is the lowest in a long time.  I feel the Barrel is priced where it should be and the Block will adjust a little bit lower over the next week or so.
We all wish you a safe and relaxing weekend and thank you for your continued business.