Dave’s Weekly Market Update – December 6, 2021

Good afternoon,

Have you checked with Honor Foods for those items others are shorting you on? Our purchasing team has been working very hard to fill in on those hard to find items. If we do not have exactly what you want we probably have a substitution for you to offer to your customers.


Prices for eggs this week remained flat. Inventories are starting to tighten so we might see a small increase before Thanksgiving, but only time will tell.


Butter began the week well but then fell back to last week’s levels. I don’t expect much to change before the end of the month.


Manufacturers are paying a premium for fresh cream. We are seeing    major shortages out there. Fortunately, we have been able to supply cream without interruptions.


There are major downward corrections in both the Block and Barrel markets this week. I am seeing us drop more than others, and we will be even lower the following week.The Honor foods team thanks you once again for your continued business during these difficult times for our industry. We hope you all have a safe and relaxing weekend.