Dave’s Weekly Market Update – November 01,2021

Good afternoon,

Egg demand has been sluggish and not what was expected, Brown eggs are correcting after being high for a long period of time. They are still higher than the white egg market which did not move.
Butter rose again this week and was held with confidence. There were not many offers out there but the sales that took place drove the market upwards. We may be near the top but if large retail orders keep rolling in we could see more of an increase.
The cream supply is still a mess. We introduced the Byrne creams which are moving well. We did learn that their heavy creams should be kept at ambient temperature (it is aseptic and shelf stable) as when kept cold it gets thick and clumpy. The quality is not affected. Keep it warm until used for sauces and sauteing and it is perfect. If you are making whip cream, chill it first. They had good success with it and are now short 36% for the next 2 weeks. We do have 40% available. It is fine if you move it from the cooler to ambient temperature storage.
We have plenty of both 36% and 40% UHT in the Golden Sunshine label.
Byrne Half and half can be kept cold without thickening. We are well supplied on that and unfortunately Golden Sunshine H+H has not been available the last 2 weeks.
Here is the letter from Byrne explaining the proper handling and storage of their 36% and 40%
Both Block and Barrel rose slightly this week and have been bouncing around these levels for a few days. The Barrel is now higher than the Block which does happen on occasion. I am hearing that the Barrels are short which is the cause of the higher market.
Please keep asking your Honor sales representative about items that are being shorted out in the marketplace. With our new large building and buying power, we may have items that others do not.
As always we thank you for your business in these trying times. Have a safe and relaxing Fall weekend.

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