Dave’s Weekly Market Update – August 19, 2021

Good afternoon,
The egg market is on fire with no sign of relief. We will see more of the same next week. This increase is being driven by strong exports and back-to-school advertising.


Butter rose Monday and dropped back slightly yesterday and today. As of now, I anticipate we will stay in this range until the 4th quarter demand ramps up.
Most suppliers are having difficulties with cream all of a sudden. There have been labor issues at the plants, as well as tight supplies. Our goal is to keep you supplied in this area.
Following a high-note week last week, blocks have been declining this week. On the other hand, barrels have been very aggressive. It has narrowed to .23 from .37 when I last wrote about it. Blocks are dropping and barrels are rising to close this gap. In my opinion, the Block is fairly priced for the season, and Barrels may rise more to close the gap.
We all thank you for your continued business and wish you a safe and relaxing weekend. ​