Dave’s Weekly Market Update – April 15, 2021

Good afternoon to all.

I will be out next week so there will not be a market update.

The egg market remained flat again. Farmers are cutting down their flocks and putting birds out to molt to reduce the glut of eggs. The brown egg market has collapsed in the past month and gone down over $1.00 per dozen. (They still cost more than white eggs)

Butter ended up for the week but was somewhat higher on Monday. Volume is growing in foodservice and this is helping to raise the market. There is a large demand for fluid cream for the foodservice. Ice cream manufacturers are also taking cream away from the churns. 23 loads have traded hands this week as people try to lock in products at these levels.

The Barrel market jumped .10 last Friday and .07 Monday. The market has been backing off since then still leaving the average up .14 for the week. Block has also been retreating somewhat. I was surprised by the turn around especially since the Food Box Program was extended. this week.

This past year has certainly been a challenging one, especially as a dairy commodities buyer. I have no idea what to expect next as this has been the most erratic year in my entire 40-year career.

Thank you for your continued business and we all wish you a safe and relaxing weekend.