Dave’s Weekly Market Update – December 12, 2020

Good afternoon to all!

The egg market continues to decline as the supply outweighs the demand. With restrictions getting tighter I feel this will continue into the near future. 
Butter rose again this week but backed off some yesterday. So far 37 loads traded hands this week so buyers must feel this is a good value at these levels.
Both Block and Barrel have risen slightly from the lows of last week. If the government announces another round of the Food Box Program I would expect there to be another jump in the markets as buyers scramble to fill these orders at current price levels.
If they do not announce any more programs, we probably will see the markets drift lower as demand from foodservice is very soft, and not sure retail demand can offset the loss of volume. 
Our pricing is now reflecting the current markets as stabilization has returned to the marketplace.
We all hope you stay safe and as always thank you for your continued business.