Dave’s Weekly Market Update – November 23, 2020

Good afternoon!
The egg market has remained at these levels for a while now. With much of the holiday baking over, and restaurants being forced to reduce capacity limits, I feel the next move will be downward.
Butter drifted lower this week as it continues to bounce around these levels. This is another item that I feel will drop some in the next few weeks. About 50% of all butter demand comes from foodservice so this probably will taper off also. 
Both Block and Barrel continue to plummet. Between the Farms to Families Food Box program winding down and weak sales, the market has had a huge correction. Buyers have been holding back due to the higher prices and slowing demand. As I stated last week we are doing our best to offer the best prices we can in this rapidly declining market. 
Everyone at Honor Foods hopes you stay safe and have a nice but quiet Thanksgiving. One like never before.
As always, thank you for your business!