Dave’s Weekly Market Update — March 17, 2022

Happy Thursday to all! There will not be an update next week, as I will be away.


The egg market is on fire as the A1 flu is affecting flocks and tightening up the supply. I expect more double digit increase as this situation unfolds. So far 3 farms have been affected and all east of the Mississippi. Over 6 million birds have been destroyed so far.



Butter bounced around some this week and we ended up leaving prices that same for next week. Butter is still somewhat short and world events can easily affect this market going forward.


Both the Block and the Barrel retracted this week but seemed to have rebounded slightly today. The markets closed slightly lower than the averages but with today’s slight increase, it may rebound some next week. 

The purchasing team at Honor Foods has been busy bringing in new lines to serve you better. Please look at the Honor Foods product catalog to see all our new offerings and monthly specials. 

We all thank you for your business and wish you a safe and peaceful weekend.