Dave’s Weekly Market Update – July 23, 2021

Good afternoon to all,

The egg market remained stable this week. At this point, there are no factors pushing the market. Possibly the next upward pressure on markets will be the reopening of schools.
While the market bounced around a bit this week, it dropped a bit today. The close was still higher than last Thursday when we set the market. We will begin carrying another brand of butter solids in two weeks at a more competitive price than Cabot.  These are due to us around 8/5.
Both Block and Barrels dropped this week and I expect the prices to be lowered again next Thursday. Cold storage inventories are increasing and new plants have opened, adding capacity.
It is difficult to find American cheese slices. AMPI stopped making the vertically sliced cheese we used to carry. Land o Lakes is allocating loaves and slices. Getting people to fill open positions is the problem. It appears that AMI will have trouble filling its 100 open positions in Portage, Wisconsin.
Land O Lakes hopes the slices will return to normal soon. As a result, we won’t be able to get our hands on any Hilldale loaves until further notice.
I hope your weekend is sunny and enjoyable! Thanks for all your continued business!