Dave’s Weekly Market Update – September 10, 2020

Good day to all,

The egg market is well balanced and again there was no movement. The extra-large market moved up .02 but all our eggs are based on the large market. This might be an indicator of a future increase.

Butter dropped .02 this week and continues to trade in the same range. Below you will see the trading activity so far this week.
Volume on all items is lower this week than the last few weeks.

Both Block and Barrel jumped this week after last week’s close ended up much higher than the average. There is a tightness in the Block market as people are gearing up for the next round of the Food Box program. With the government buying 1 billion dollars worth of dairy in the next 2 months – it’s causing the market to rise.

It does look like the Barrel is trending lower at this point. My feelings are that the block may level out for a few weeks, then drop back some after the product is procured for the program.

Thank you for all your business and we all hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend.