Dave’s Weekly Market Update – August 5, 2021

Good afternoon to all!

This week’s egg market remained unchanged. For the time being, inventories and demand seem to be in balance.
After all was said and done, butter prices ended up slightly higher this week despite the erratic behavior shown this week. Whenever things like this occur, it can be difficult to judge and make a forecast. I still feel we will bounce around somewhere in this range for the near future.
In this week’s cheese market, we saw some stability. Again, the spread is very large and unsustainable. As summer winds down, demand for barrel cheese is slowing. This, combined with the introduction of new cheese plants, has contributed to the wide spread. In today’s new environment, I am not sure how the gap will close.
Your continued support is greatly appreciated. If you are getting shorted by other vendors, consider Honor Foods. There may be stock on those items for you. We are all facing supply chain challenges, and we are here to help!
Have a safe and relaxing weekend, everyone.

About Honor Foods

Honor Foods, a Burris Logistics Company, was founded in 1949 as a redistributor of center-of-the-plate foods. Since then, Honor Foods has grown into the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of frozen, refrigerated, dry, and dairy products, representing more than 300 brand-name food suppliers and carrying more than 3,000 in-stock items. Honor Foods brands R.W. Zant and Sunny Morning provide additional beef and dairy expertise on the West Coast and in the southeast. In addition, our exclusive house brands — Colony Lane and Valley Fresh, have a well-earned reputation for top quality and value at competitive prices.

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